Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual production planning.

Meet CAPTAIN. Advanced Planning & Scheduling based on Real-Time Capacity and Changes.

Who is Captain

Captain is a transparent, web-based Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software that replaces spreadsheet applications often used in production planning.

It eliminates human errors, gives you real-time visibility throughout the operation chain and integrates multiple resources to achieve minimum risk, reduce costs and improve productivity.   The software helps take the time, complexity, and errors out of planning based on the sequencing rules that you choose whether it is delivery date, minimum setup time and key customers prioritization.

360 optimal production planning is only one click away! 


Minimize risk 
  • Streamlined manufacturing phases, agile  changes to manufacturing processes as and when required 
  • Reliable lead times and achievable manufacturing targets 
  • Faster and more accurate scheduling 
  • Increased responsiveness to unplanned downtime events 
Reduce Costs 
  • Reducing downtime and lead time
  • Cost-effective manufacturing from start to finish
  • Increased machinery and equipment lifecycle, thanks to better resource planning
  • No surplus stock and no missed sales opportunities
Improve Productivity 
  • Scheduling changeovers efficiently  
  • Improving resource utilization 
  • Reducing planning and scheduling team overtime 
  • Data-driven insight into future capacity and growth potential 
  • Improved on time delivery performance 

What you gain

Optimize your Production Planning

Captain is your centralized command center, now runs an Engine that is 50% faster. Create, modify, and fine-tune your production cycles using your unique scenarios and criteria. Monitor task updates in real-time and gain valuable insights. Take charge of urgent requests while assessing their impact on your plan before allocating resources.

Improve resource utilization

Whether you’re receiving data through integrations with ERP, WMS, or handling it manually, our system empowers you to oversee and assign shifts, verify machine availability, and manage inventory. You can also make on-the-fly adjustments to Bills of Materials (BoMs). These capabilities create a knowledge management hub to complement your production command center.

Get live data from the Shop Floor

In addition to machine integrations, we offer an intuitive tablet interface for operators to input crucial production data. These solutions provide real-time visibility into your production data .

Gain Insights and Optimize Process

Our system includes preconfigured dashboards and reports to give you an overview of key performance indicators (KPIs) in your production operations. Uncover insights into inefficiencies affecting frontline processes and workflows, enabling you to take immediate action for continuous process improvement. Enhance responsiveness when addressing unplanned downtime events

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